Subaru Celebrates 50 Years

Subaru Marks 50th Anniversary

The New Jersey based-Subaru of America has just reached 50 years! In February 2018, Subaru celebrated through the unveiling of a celebratory bronze plaque by Chad Fisher, a local artist. Thomas J. Doll, President and COO of Subaru of America, conducted the ceremony. Continue reading to learn all about Subaru's 50th Anniversary, and how it is an important milestone for Subaru!

The Event

For the event, Doll and his employees dressed in gold 50th anniversary matching t-shirts. The event's participants counted down to zero on a digital clock that has marked down days in the Subaru Headquarters for one year. At the end of the countdown there was applause, and then Doll unveiled Fisher's 300-pound bronze plaque. The plaque takes inspiration from 'The Stars of our Future,' and depicts two Subaru workers and the Subaru six-star cluster logo.

In 2017, Subaru officially kicked off the 50th anniversary celebration by donating 50 new Subaru Outbacks to Meals on Wheels programs throughout the United States. It was estimated that through this donation, 53,000 meals would be sent to 3,700 seniors across most of the United States. This was called the '50 Cars for 50 Years' vehicle donation.

The Subaru Name's Meaning

This company traces its roots to a leading Japanese aircraft manufacturer, called the 'Nakajima Aircraft Company.' By 1950, Fuji Heavy Industries was what Nakajima was known as. FHI was established in the early 1950s when five Japanese companies--Fuji Jidosha Kogyo, Fuji Kogyo, Utsunomiuya Sharyo, Tokyo Fuji Sangyo and Omiya Fuji Kogyo--joined together. In Japanese, Subaru means 'unite.' Subaru's company logo is a cluster of six stars that the Japanese recognize in the Pleiades (Subaru in Japanese) star constellation.

Subaru History

Two American businessmen, Harney Lamm and Malcolm Bricklin, founded Subaru of America in February, 1968. In 1965 Bricklin was selling motor scooter franchises. He then created Subaru of America to sell Subaru franchises with Lamm. Lamm was a furniture salesman's son. For over two decades, Lamm was the chief executive officer, chief operating officer, president and chairman of the board of Subaru of America, Inc. The first Subaru 'office' was in Balboa Park, California, in a small rental unit. Later, Subaru of America was officially established in Pennsylvania before moving to New Jersey in 1970. In May of 2018, Subaru of America will move to an all-new corporate headquarters, also in New Jersey.


As we have indicated above, reaching 50 years has been a big deal for Subaru. They had counted down to the 50th anniversary for a year, starting with a digital clock at their U.S headquarters. Are you interested in purchasing or leasing a Subaru? If so, do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience here at Reedman Toll Subaru of Exton! We may be reached via phone by dialing (888) 739-3180. You could alternatively fill out the contact form that we have placed to the right! We look forward to seeing you soon here at 421 West Lincoln Highway in Exton!

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