Outside-of-the-Box Travel Budget Ideas

Most of us are familiar with the act of saving our pennies to indulge in a trip or two. It's a no-brainer that travel incurs expenses outside of our everyday spending, making it necessary for many to sock away extra money in preparation. Well, what if there were a way-or a few different ways!-to budget your vacation without having to set aside lumps of cash every pay day? Here are some novel ways to do just that!

Swap Services: Can you clean a house? Fix a tractor? Manage a social media channel? Those and more are examples of services you can swap for lodging, food, or other travel fun while vacationing. 

Points: Accumulate credit card points for more than air travel. Meals, lodging, and other amenities may be covered by all those points, so do your research and get the most bang for your…points!

Ditch the Hotel: Instead of booking a single room at a chain hotel, consider a more untraditional approach to overnight stays. VBRO, Airbnb, and other sites offer apartments, houses, and other unusual accommodations that are less expensive and often more spacious. Win-win!

Dine In: I know when I travel, I prefer to eat out, but the truth is, I often feel bloated and gross after all that restaurant food and it's no secret it's expensive. Consider grocery shopping at the beginning of your trip and at least prepare breakfast and lunch in to cut down on costs and calories! 

No Car, No Cost: Another incurred cost as a result of traveling is all that pesky parking! Forget the garages and meters and consider biking or walking to as many destinations as possible. Not only is it cheaper, but it's healthier, too!

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