As of 2018, all passenger cars, trucks, and vans will be equipped with backup cameras (it's federal law). I recently got into a discussion with an acquaintance about them. His feeling was that it wasn't necessary,and it was just a way to jack up car costs. I argued that they aren't meant to replace common sense like using your mirrors (or your eyes!) but just another layer of safety. 

As someone who recently replaced a ten year old car with NO bells and whistles, I've been getting used to this technology for the first time. There are some GREAT advantages.
  • They let you see where rearview mirrors CAN'T: Rearview mirrors don't let you see what's directly behind your car anywhere below the rear window. Expanded vision is definitely a good thing. A few years ago, I backed over a package that we hadn't been expecting and that was placed directly in front of my garage door. My rearview mirror didn't show it, but a backup camera would have. Backing over a toy was an inconvenience - a crushed box was the worst of it - but it let us know how easy it can be to miss something. 
  • They help in parking lots: Fender benders happen often in parking lots when there are variables all over the place. Carts,pedestrians, cars moving in and out, blocked field of vision by large cars. A camera with a warning tone can let you know when someone is moving into your path. They can also help you center yourself more easily into a parking space.
  • They can help when you're towing: You can see how the trailer (or anything else) is lined up, and the sensors will keep you posted on the distance.

As for maintenance, all that's really necessary most of the time is a soft cloth to clean a dirty lens! That's an easy fix for added peace of mind!

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